Le Mouvement E.Leclerc has selected the Alkemics platform to facilitate the collection of product and pricing data from suppliers in the European market

May 6, 2019

Starting in spring 2019, Le Mouvement E.Leclerc will launch a new project via the collaborative digital platform Alkemics, an initiative that includes several thousand suppliers. Their goals are to facilitate and speed up products’ time to market while offering consumers even more product transparency.

Paris, April  18th,  2019 - Alkemics, a collaborative data sharing platform for brands and retailers, has announced a strategic partnership with France’s leading retailer! Le Mouvement E.Leclerc has launched an innovative new project aimed at digitizing their relationships with their suppliers. Already a leader in click-and-collect, they are looking to maintain this momentum by adopting an omnichannel approach to supplier relationships.

Using the Alkemics platform, Le Mouvement E.Leclerc has modernized and digitized their process of obtaining data from thousands of suppliers across all different industries, even those that have not historically been digitally-oriented. This project consists of a collaborative platform that contains all product and pricing information from suppliers, who provide and update this data. This information is then made available at Le Mouvement E.Leclerc’s points of sale and warehouses.

The Alkemics platform will be accessible to all suppliers, regardless of their size or sector (grocery, textile, home improvement, automotive, IT, etc.) which highlights the importance given to SMBs by Le Mouvement E.Leclerc. It will be launched in various different markets (France, Poland, Portugal, and Spain) in order to harmonize all data collection processes.

“On this platform, Le Mouvement E.Leclerc will not only be able to share the logistics data they need to speed up products’ time to market, they’ll also be able to share pricing data, as well as, of course, the marketing and regulatory data that is essential to addressing growing consumer demands regarding traceability and transparency”, explained Antoine Durieux, CEO and co-founder of Alkemics.

Over the past few years, Alkemics has become a key player in the French retail market, working with more than 10 500 brands, from small businesses to large international companies. Their offering represents a new approach to collaboration in the mass-market retail sector. This partnership with Le Mouvement E.Leclerc further demonstrates the strength of the company’s collaborative vision, as well as their solution, which is an invaluable resource in the digital transformation of brands and retailers.


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